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In her left eye you can see a reflection of me, standing on the horizon taking this picture. I was nineteen and a rock.  That was forty-two years ago.  Now I am only a reflection of the man seen in the reflection.

I wonder what her lovely eyes have seen in her time so far.  If only she had the chance to tell me, I would sit and listen to every word for as long as she wanted to be with me.  I would talk about the times in 1966 when we laughed and teased each other.  When a quick look from her dark, darting, almond shaped eyes made me smile to think of what delights were waiting for me.

In the photographs of bars that follow think of a sticky hot room with loud music, booze flowing, and a woman of your choice willing to be you best friend for that drink, that hour, or that evening. It's entirely up to you and your budget.   A young man's dream come true.

Most of the ladies were very kind, decent and fun loving if you treated them with respect and didn't act like a total jerk.  Most of them were there to support their families and would be doing something else if they could.   Come to think of it, I'd probably be doing something else if I could.  Maybe you would be too.

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